Welcome to my Street Team, otherwise known as the 24 Karat Readers. I am so, so glad to have you!

First and foremost, I will need all members to fill out a membership form, which can be found HERE. This is so I can gather basic information about each member in order to be able to send you promotional materials as I get them and any prizes you win for participating in our daily tasks. Your email, address, and everything you send me will be kept private. If for any reason you want to opt out, please just email me to let me know. If you belong to a book club, blog, or are willing to do foot traffic like passing out press releases at libraries, bookstores, vendor fairs, conferences, etc. please let me know. This is NOT required.

Secondly: I love having you. No matter how little or much you do, it all helps. Know that I genuinely appreciate it!

EXPECTATIONS: Our expectations are pretty low, honestly. I expect you to post and/or tweet (if you have Twitter) once a week. Daily tasks will be pinned to the top of our group wall on Facebook every day, including weekends.  This is what we're looking for you to do. Most of the time it's as simple as copying / pasting a tweet or sharing a pre-written post on Facebook. On occasion, other things to share may pop up in our feed, like when there's a guest post somewhere or in a contest or there's a big promotional event coming up. It is appreciated that you share those, but it's not a necessity. Please type "done" or "shared" when you do them, so we can add you to the monthly draw for prizes.

EVENTS: At any given time, there may be more events posted in the Facebook group. These are not a have-to-do, but I'd sure appreciate it. These will earn extra prizes in a separate pool. The ONLY exception to this is reviews. If you have a copy of my book/s, you MUST leave a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon. This is a publisher requirement.

PIMPING: You may notice other 24 Karat Readers posting links to where they "pimped" me or the team on other Facebook pages. This is above and beyond. Not required. We do, however, greatly appreciate this, as it gets word out about me and you to other people. Liking their posts is really easy and can earn you prizes sometimes from the pages who host those comments.

If you're a fellow author and have a new release or something big happening, drop me a quick message, and I'll return the favor by pimping you, too!

TWITTER: Not a requirement, but it helps. Pre-written tweets will be given that you can easily copy & paste & tweet. Please remember that Twitter is only as good as your followers. You should have a profile pic (any pic will do). Most people won't follow someone without a profile pic. You should also try to get more followers by searching #readers #romance #book #blogger #YA #NA  Follow back people who follow you. Thank them for RT once and awhile. People like that.

SWAG/PRIZES: At a minimum, the monthly draw for missions will be awarded. Other events may award prizes, too. I ask for your address when you first sign up so we can mail you swag/prizes. This is PRIVATE and never shared. Please remember that swag is expensive. Only active 24 Karat Readers will get entered into the pool and receive free books if the publisher allows.

BENEFITS: Everyday, except Sunday, I will post something awesome in our Facebook group. Excerpts, answered questions, secrets...etc. This is just for fun, and just for you. An added benefit. Gotta liven things up, too. In addition, we'll be giving away prizes and gifts and other fun stuff. I see our group as a great community of support, and more than anything, I want you to have fun. You are all wonderful.

NEW RELEASES: Around the time of a release, or when pre-orders are available, I may ask you to post more. Again, the minimum is once a week, but this extra work you put in boosts sales. Pre-orders go through the day a book releases, so all sales pop up that one day. This is how authors get on the bestseller lists. Pre-orders are huge! And every little bit you do helps with sales. Also, if sales aren't high enough, we authors can lose contracts or have a hard time getting future contracts. If not for your help, we would be lost among the millions of other titles. I love you for helping out when you post extra, and I will do whatever I can to repay you.

Again, welcome! You're the best. We love you!

~Kara Leigh Miller